Welcome to St.Xavier's School, Sahibganj


Foundation Day
21st January' 1957
Principal - Rev.Fr.Roland Ghirlando, S.J.

"Let us preach the Peace of Christ as He did.
He went about doing good.
Our works of love must be nothing but work of peace.
May the Peace of Christ be with you all". 

                                                                              : MOTHER TERESA


Lord, give me the courage / to answer your call,
to risk my name, to be true.

Lord, give me the courage / to say
what i know /will not pay,
To leave / what good fortune can give,
to spend my days/ in less leisurely ways.

Lord, give the the courage / to run

where the brave / dare not go,
To fight for the right /without question  or pause

to serve with love / without hope or reward.



Lets pray the Almighty,
Source of all knowledge and goodness,
That what we have learned today,
We will use to be better tomorrow;
for His glory,for our sake and
that of our fellow men and women.