The first advertisements for the new boarding were published in the 1960 in “The Statesman”. The first hostel boy arrived on 3rd February 1960. The Hostel was at first housed in Sakrogarh in “Nellie Villa”, under the supervision of Fr.J.Cachia, S.J., then shifted to the Hall in the school compound, later to the second storey of the school in the classrooms and then to the right of the building with Dinning Hall on the ground floor, Study Hall on the first and the Dormitory on the second.

In January, 1970, St.Ignatius’ Hostel was started at some distance from the School for tribal boys.

Homely accomodation were also provided by some of our teachers where many of us have lived our childhood under their warm care and love.

Currently, the hostel facility has been discontinued in the campus.